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The Next Generation Email Panel

Müşterilerinizle daha güçlü bağlar oluşturmak için E-Posta şablonlarımızı kullanın. Müşterileriniz nerede olursa olsun irtibatı kaybetmeyin!
Var olan şablonlarımızı veya sizin hazırlamış olduğunuz tasarımları kullanarak kolayca E-Posta gönderimi yapın.
E-Posta gönderimi yapmadan önce HTML editörümüz ile yaptığınız değişiklikleri hemen uygulayabilir ve gönderimi anında yapabilirsiniz.

  • Mass Mail Sending
  • Create a custom theme with our HTML editor
  • Addressed Submission
  • Scheduling a Shipment
  • CMS Simultaneous

Professional Report Management

You can scroll down to the Reports page to review the status of all your sent Emails in full detail.

  • View the number of clicks
  • View the number of reads
  • Preview a submitted template
  • Submit report filtering
  • View newsletter status
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astriol feature
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Fully integrated with Message Management System and Laws!

Organik Haberlesme's E-Mail services are designed to be a full compliance with KVKK and CMS infrastructure. Our area of expertise is with the data processing and data management models you collect from a single point to all the people you come into contact with; automatically integrates contact permissions into your recipient list. Our mail services both keep your data security at the maximum level and ensure that you are fully compliant with CMS without the need to make an effort for commercial and electronic data permission. In this way, it always works in sync with the CMS platform and allows you to carry out your e-mail campaigns with only authorized records and protects you from possible penalties.

No Contract and No Commitment!

You can buy the mail service of Organik communication according to the number of shipments you want, without the need for commitments and contracts, and you can start using it without losing time.

By eliminating long-lasting binding contract and commitment processes, you can save time and easily produce successful campaigns by doing e-mail marketing.

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Features of Our E-Mail Service to Power Your Business


High Speed Shipping

Send e-mails quickly without waiting.

Detailed Report Management

We offer a report management where you can review the status of your submissions

Bulletin Disclaimer

See all your customers unsubscribed with newsletter disavow

Simultaneous with CMS

Keep notifications of changes and rejections to your permission list. Avoid penalties.

API Diagrams

With our API Service, you can easily integrate into your own software (CRM / ERP / etc.)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

After completing the registration process and transferring your contacts to the system, you can <b>send e-mails in bulk from the E-Mail Submission</b> page.

You will be charged based on the number of successful Emails sent.

In the Send Email > Shipping Information menu, you can set your shipments to the date you want. For future shipments, the system offers month, day, year, hour and minute options, allowing you to make your shipments at any time. You can edit or delete future submissions before they arrive.

You can easily import all the numbers in your Excel or CSV files from the Import Contact from File menu > Recipients . You can use the Send Email > to send directly by pasting it into the Recipients section.

You can use ready-made templates from the Add templates > menu, upload or design ready-made templates.

When they click on the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of your email submissions, they will automatically log out of the newsletter and be added to your blacklist.

You can view the results/status of all Emails you have sent from the Reports menu

Easily Email Your Audience in Minutes

Toplu e-postalarınızı, hedef kitlenize dakikalar içinde kolayca ulaştırmanız ve marka bilinirliğinizi artırarak, işletme kârınızı katlayıp işletmenizi büyütmeniz için hemen Organik Haberleşmenin Mail servisini kullanmaya başlayabilirsiniz. Yeni Aboneliklerde 100 TL Hediye! Gönderdiğiniz her e-mail de kişilerinizle bağlantıda olduğunuzu hissettirerek, markanızla etkileşimi derinleştirebilirsiniz.

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